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PSYC 61: Applied Psychology of Stoked: Techniques to Promote Wellbeing During the 2020 Pandemic

This course applies techniques learned in the Introductory Studies seminar: Psychology of Stoked (PSYC 60N) to promote student wellbeing during the 2020 COVID19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Spring Quarter 2020, the members of the Stoked Lab will explore the cultural, psychological, social, and biological aspects of what it means to live a positive, life-affirming existence. How does a worldwide pandemic change our possibilities for leading a balanced life with maximum happiness? To discover the answer, we will use a variety of sources; from philosophy to psychology, from literature, to spirituality, from biological sciences to the daily news. In parallel with the Introductory Studies seminar, students will use class content to develop media material using concepts developed in the class to promote wellbeing in this unusual time. This material will be shared with the greater Stanford undergraduate community as the 2020 Spring Quarter evolves during a global pandemic. PSYC 60N is a prerequisite for this course (which may benwaived by the instructor)
Terms: Spr | Units: 1-2 | Grading: Medical Satisfactory/No Credit
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