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OB 374: Interpersonal Dynamics

PRE-QUALIFICATION REQUIRED (see link at bottom of course description). NOTE FOR AY 2020-21: Given current expectations about the need for social distancing, our current plans for Autumn quarter (and potentially Winter and Spring quarters as well) include the following modifications to the course: Lectures will take place virtually on Zoom. T-group meetings during daytime class time will also be virtual. Evening T-group meetings will be in person (with social distancing and masks). Groups will be 7-8 students instead of the usual 12 in order to allow for productive discussions in the context of social distancing. Students who cannot attend evening t-group in person may participate virtually. Beyond these modifications the course remains focused on increasing one's competencies in building more effective relationships. Learning is primarily through interactions with other group members and reflection on those interactions. This course is very involving, and, at times, can be quite emotional. However, this course is not a substitute for therapy. If you are in therapy, please talk this over with your therapist and get their advice before enrolling in this course. Students are divided into t-groups of 7 or 8 students. T-groups meet during part of class-time as well as in the evening. The class has a weekend retreat toward the end of the quarter which will take place on campus. It is very important to note that when you decide to take this course, you make an explicit contract to be actively involved. ATTENDANCE: Because of the highly interactive nature of this course, it is very important that all students attend all sessions. Missing class, class T-group, evening T-group, or any portion of the weekend for an unexcused absence will negatively influence your grade and may result in your grade being dropped one grade level (for each absence). Attendance at the first class is required for all sections and failure to attend the first class will result in an automatic drop. WAITLIST: Waitlisted students must attend the first class to maintain their place on the waitlist and should check with individual instructors on whether attendance at another section can meet this requirement. It is the student's responsibility to notify respective OB 374 faculty of your attendance and wish to fulfill your waitlist requirement. SECTION SPECIFIC INFORMATION: See section schedules for details on class days, T-group evening, and weekend retreat dates; it is your responsibility to make sure you can fulfill all attendance requirements before enrolling. PRE-QUALIFICATION: Students must pre-qualify before taking the class through an assignment on Canvas (due approximately five weeks prior to the quarter). Go to, then select "Enroll in Course".
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 5
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