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OB 374: Interpersonal Dynamics

For Spring 2020 the course has been significantly redesigned to enable learning in a virtual environment. Our focus will be on skills practice and building connection in an era of social distancing. Class time will be highly experiential and will involve interacting in both large and small groups (via Zoom breakout rooms), but will not use our traditional T-groups. Please note, if you take OB374 this quarter, you may not enroll again in future quarters. T-groups will be replaced with 'Learning Groups' of 4-6 students plus one facilitator, who will meet during the time frames of the originally scheduled classes. Attention will be paid to what is feasible and necessary in an online learning environment, including breaks. Learning Groups will meet over Zoom every week and include the following: check-in and support, practice interpersonal skill-building by applying lessons from the course in your personal life, peer support in developing and executing service projects, and reflections on how the team is working together. There will not be a weekend retreat. The personal service projects will address the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in due to the pandemic: supporting either family, friends, or the community. Attendance at first class is strongly encouraged. Learning groups meet in the first class and group development is greatly enhanced by having all members present at the first meeting. Absences have grade impact. Exact requirements vary between 1- and 2-day versions of course. For a complete course description, see this page:
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 5
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