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MTL 200: Curricular Practical Training

Terms: Aut | Units: 1-3 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Satisfactory/No Credit

MTL 334A: Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (COMPLIT 334A, ILAC 334A)

In the late eighteenth century, Immanuel Kant proclaimed his epoch to be "the genuine age of criticism." He went on to develop the critique of reason, which set the stage for many of the themes and problems that have preoccupied Western thinkers for the last two centuries. This fall quarter survey is intended as an introduction to these themes and problems. The general course layout draws equal parts on Koselleck's practice of "conceptual history" (Begriffsgeschichte) and on Jameson's of "cognitive mapping." After consideration of an important, if often under-appreciated precedent (the baroque), we turn our attention to the conceptual triad of subject, reason and critique, followed by that of revolution, utopia and sovereignty. Authors may include Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, Freud, Lukács, and others. This course is the first of a two-course sequence. Priority to graduate students in MTL, ILAC, and English.
Terms: Aut | Units: 5 | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)
Instructors: ; Hoyos, H. (PI)

MTL 334C: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Our course serves both as an introduction to graduate studies and as an introduction to interdisciplinary practice for entering PhD students in MTL at Stanford. Required for first-year graduate students, our course examines major historical and theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary humanities via engagement with the living application of these approaches on campus. Additionally, we attend to contemporary debates about PhD study, higher education, and issues of professional development. At the end of the class you will have a clearer sense of the scholar you want to become and on concrete ways to develop your interests, navigate faculty mentor-grad relations, department cultures, and life-work balance. Non MTL graduate students will be accepted only with permission from the instructors.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit

MTL 801: TGR Project

Terms: Aut, Sum | Units: 0 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: TGR
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