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ME 310A: Engineering Design Entrepreneurship and Innovation: exploring the problem space

Reality is the best teacher. The best teachers are coaches. The best learners are in teams of 3-4 persons. We offer an extraordinary Coaching Team to help guide you towards rewarding your time at Stanford. Your mission is to create the personal self-efficacy that you need to engage wicked design problems of your own invention. In October you will Kick-Off your connection to an international team of (3-4) multi-disciplinary graduate students at distinguished universities across the world. They come to Stanford to meet you. You will also meet the team of company liaisons who are funding you to re-invent-X, to be a start-up in Silicon Valley. Expect 10 different industry funded design challenges at the human interface to Robots, AI, Internet of Things, Autonomous vehicles and Smart Cities. ME310A is dedicated to exploring the problem space (your best creative opportunity) using strategic-foresight, design thinking, team-dynamics-management, rapid prototyping, and human-centric problem RE-framing. Take ME310ABC.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4 | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)
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