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INTLPOL 302: The Global Economy

This course examines the economic inter-connectedness of nations. Among the topics covered are the causes and consequences of current account imbalances, exchange rate determination, monetary unification, financial and currency crises, and contagion. In addition, the course includes an assessment of key global financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, and the global effort to reform the international financial architecture. The goal of the course is to equip students with the tools to analyze international macroeconomic issues, events, and policies. Students will analyze economic data of countries with a view to assessing the economic health and vulnerabilities of countries. They will propose policies to address the identified economic vulnerabilities, and will assess the feasibility of policy implementation. In addition, the "In the News" segment in class will discuss and analyze current events in areas relevant to the course. (This course was formerly IPS 202.) Enrollment limited to Master's in International Policy (MIP) students.
Terms: Aut | Units: 5
Instructors: ; Aturupane, C. (PI)
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