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HUMBIO 3B: Environmental and Health Policy Analysis

Connections among the life sciences, social sciences, public health, and public policy. The economic, social, and institutional factors that underlie environmental degradation, the incidence of disease, and challenges facing the health care system including high spending and inequalities in access to health care. Public policies to address these problems. Topics include pollution regulation, climate change policy, biodiversity protection, health insurance, health care regulation, health disparities, and health care reform. HUMBIO 3B, with HUMBIO 2B and HUMBIO 4B, satisfies the Writing in the Major (WIM) requirement for students in Human Biology. HUMBIO 3A and HUMBIO 3B are designed to be taken concurrently and exams or quizzes for both sides may include material from joint module lectures. Concurrent enrollment is strongly encouraged and is necessary for majors in order to meet declaration deadlines. Please note that Human Biology majors are typically required to take the Human Biology Core Courses for a letter grade; however in academic year 20-21 majors may count courses taken for a letter grade or for Credit (CR).
Terms: Win | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: GER:DB-SocSci
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