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GSBGEN 310: The Impact of AI on Productivity and Personal Performance

This is a seminar of up to 35 students, with a mixture of GSB and non-GSB students. Much has been written about how jobs in firms are likely to change as a result of AI. The first objective of this course is to invite guest speakers from many sectors to address how they think their own jobs or similar jobs are likely to change as AI enters the products they produce (like Netflix products) and the jobs they do. For example, the speakers could be: an engineer in a software firm; a partner in a law firm; a headquarters employee in a big retail firm; or the founder of a new business. The second objective is to bring data to bear on the topic. We ask first, is AI a new technological revolution - like the past revolutions that introduced the steam engine or electrification - that will produce a sustained increase in GDP and productivity? We ask next, when AI or robotics have been introduced in the past twenty years, have these innovations been translated into improvements in individuals' productivity and then higher wages? Are the AI innovations in the future likely to have a similar impact? Finally, for you as a student, the goals of this course are to give you a foundation for thinking about the broad consequences of the increasing use of AI, but also to think about how your work life is likely to be different from those who are working today.
Units: 3 | Grading: GSB Letter Graded
Instructors: ; Shaw, K. (PI); Smeton, K. (GP)
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