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ETHICSOC 2: The Ethics of Anonymity (COMM 127X, CSRE 127X)

Terms: Win | Units: 1
Instructors: ; Elam, H. (PI)

ETHICSOC 11Q: Sustainability And Social Justice (EARTHSYS 11Q)

Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 3 | UG Reqs: WAY-ER
Instructors: ; Lyons, A. (PI)

ETHICSOC 20: Introduction to Moral Philosophy (PHIL 2)

Terms: Win | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: GER:DB-Hum, GER:EC-EthicReas, WAY-A-II, WAY-ER
Instructors: ; Rozeboom, G. (PI)

ETHICSOC 135R: The Ethics of Democratic Citizenship (POLISCI 135D)

Terms: Win | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: WAY-ER
Instructors: ; Chapman, E. (PI)

ETHICSOC 185M: Contemporary Moral Problems (PHIL 72, POLISCI 134P)

Terms: Aut, Win | Units: 4-5 | UG Reqs: GER:EC-EthicReas, WAY-ER

ETHICSOC 190: Ethics in Society Honors Seminar (PHIL 178)

Terms: Win | Units: 3
Instructors: ; Sockness, B. (PI)

ETHICSOC 304: Moral Minds: What Can Moral Psychology Tell Us About Ethics (PSYCH 264)

Terms: Win | Units: 2

ETHICSOC 371R: INEQUALITY: Economic and Philosophical Perspectives (ECON 380, PHIL 371D, POLISCI 431L)

Terms: Win | Units: 5
Instructors: ; Arrow, K. (PI); Satz, D. (PI)

ETHICSOC 372R: Ending Wars: A Just Peace or Just a Peace (PHIL 372M)

Terms: Win | Units: 2

ETHICSOC 374R: Science, Religion, and Democracy (PHIL 374F)

Terms: Win | Units: 4 | Repeatable 3 times (up to 12 units total)
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