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ENERGY 212: Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas Production

This course introduces students to the major environmental aspects of oil and gas production, including law, policy, regulation, impact assessment, and mitigation. Through readings, lectures, homework, in-class activities, and case studies, students learn about the major state/federal laws and regulatory programs governing oil and gas in the U.S., industry permitting and compliance strategies, and current public stakeholder issues/challenges (with a particular focus on climate change and water management). Emerging legislative/regulatory trends, advocacy approaches, and sustainability concepts also are explored.
Terms: not given this year | Units: 1 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit

LAW 2512: Cities and Sustainability: Current Issues, Policy, and Law

Cities are on the front lines of solving many of society's sustainability problems, from advancing green buildings and clean energy, to preparing for the effects of climate change. With a diminishing role of the federal government on environmental policy and regulation, it is up to sub-nationals like states and cities to lead innovation and deployment of clean energy, resilience strategies, water management, and more. This class will explore the evolving role of cities in advancing sustainability from the lens of law, policy, planning, and governance. Some of the topics we will discuss in-depth include climate mitigation, clean energy, green buildings, climate adaptation and resilience, water supply and reuse, land use and transportation, and more. Case studies will focus on U.S. cities with some emphasis on California. Overarching themes across all content areas include legal constraints of city authority, governance, socioeconomic tradeoffs, and the roles of various types of institutions in developing, advancing, and advocating for local policy change. Elements used in grading: Attendance, Class Participation, Written Assignments, Exam. Cross-listed with Environment and Resources (ENVRES 212).
Terms: not given this year | Units: 2 | Grading: Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail
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