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CS 182: Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change (COMM 180, ETHICSOC 182, PHIL 82, POLISCI 182, PUBLPOL 182)

Examination of recent developments in computing technology and platforms through the lenses of philosophy, public policy, social science, and engineering. Course is organized around four main units: algorithmic decision-making and bias; data privacy and civil liberties; artificial intelligence and autonomous systems; and the power of private computing platforms. Each unit considers the promise, perils, rights, and responsibilities at play in technological developments. Prerequisite: CS106A.
Terms: Win | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: WAY-ER

CS 182W: Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change (WIM)

Writing-intensive version of CS182. Satisfies the WIM requirement for Computer Science, Engineering Physics, STS, and Math/Comp Sci undergraduates. Prerequisite: CS106A. See CS182 for room location. Enroll in either CS 182 or CS 182W, not both. Enrollment in WIM version of the course is limited to 100 students, who will be selected via weighted lottery (weighted modestly to favor juniors and seniors). To sign up for the selection process, please complete this web form by Friday, December 6th:
Terms: Win | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: WAY-ER
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