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CHINLANG 15M: Beginning Conversational Cantonese for Standard Modern Chinese Speakers, First Quarter

This is the first of the 3-course series on beginning Cantonese for Standard Modern Chinese speakers. The primary objective of the beginning series is to help students build up a repertoire of vocabulary so that they can: (a) introduce themselves in an informal social situation, (b) engage in simple transactions, (c) converse about themselves, their friends and families, and (d) talk about activities in daily lives. Authentic materials such as Cantopop and movie clips are incorporated in the courses and Internet tools are used to enhance learning. There is also an optional field trip to a karaoke bar, a dim sum restaurant, or a Cantonese community every quarter to experience Cantonese culture. In addition, students work on common pronunciation and grammatical errors due to influences from Mandarin. Cantonese-Chinese characters will also be taught.
Terms: Aut | Units: 2
Instructors: ; Dennig, S. (PI)
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