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CHEM 187B: Natural Product Biosynthesis: Chemical Logic and Enzymatic Machinery (CHEM 287B)

This course provides an overview of the biosynthesis of the five major classes of small molecule natural products, including polyketides, nonribosomal peptides, terpene/isoprenoid scaffolds, alkaloids, and phenylpropanoids. Focus will be on the chemical logic for bond-forming chemical steps in each natural product class and the kinds of enzyme catalysts required to effect complexity-generating molecular scaffolds. This short course runs for the first five weeks of the quarter, from January through the second week of February. Prerequisite: Chem 181 or equivalent.
Terms: Win | Units: 1 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Satisfactory/No Credit
Instructors: ; Walsh, C. (PI)
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