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CEE 240: Project Assessment and Budgeting

Course objectives: 1) learn the processes of determining the quantities of permanent materials required and the associated construction quantities; 2) learn the capabilities of construction equipment; 3) be introduced to the make-up of construction crews; 4) design concrete form systems; 5) utilize the historic productivity of a crew to estimate the cost of construction; 6) write construction logic to create a critical path project schedule; 7) distribute the cost of construction over schedule activities to generate a cash flow curve and monthly payment schedule for the project.nConstruction engineering: A construction project that has reached final design must be quantified, a delivery schedule developed, it's final total price determined and the month by month demand for cash payments established. Each student will perform these activities to satisfy a "Course Project" requirement utilizing actual project design drawings obtained from the companies of the Guest Lectures and others. Guest Lecturers from: Disney Construction, Pankow Construction, Granite Construction, Stacy & Witbeck Incorporated.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3
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