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BIOE 44: Fundamentals for Engineering Biology Lab

An introduction to next-generation techniques in genetic, molecular, biochemical, and cellular engineering. Lectures cover advances in the field of synthetic biology with emphasis on genetic engineering, CRISPR gene editing technology, the DIY bio movement, plasmid design, gene synthesis, genetic circuits, safety and bio ethics. At-home lab modules will teach students how to isolate DNA from living matter, make genetic alterations by plasmid transformations and introduce students to experimental design. During the final weeks of the course students work in groups to design a DNA device. Group projects will build upon current research including: gene and genome engineering via decoupled design, component engineering with a focus on molecular design and quantitative analysis of experiments, device and system engineering using abstracted genetically encoded objects, and product development based on useful applications of biological technologies. Concurrent or previous enrollment in BIO 82 or BIO 83.
Terms: Aut, Win | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: WAY-SMA
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