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EMED 220: Emergency Medicine: Introduction

This course will be an introduction to the specialty of Emergency Medicine the safety net of our health care system. This course is designed for students interested in medicine/emergency medicine and public health. This lecture based series will explore the depth and breadth of EM. You will hear from world-renowned faculty from the Department of Emergency Medicine on various concepts, and specialties within the field - such as Global Health, Pandemics and Bioterrorism, Pre-hospital Care, Sports Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Pediatrics, Health Care Policy, Social Determinants of Health in Emergency Medicine, just to name a few. Students (MD, PA, and undergraduates) can add a second unit by doing a minimum of 2, 4-hr shadow shifts in the Emergency Department which the course will assist in scheduling.
Last offered: Autumn 2022 | Units: 1-2
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