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EMED 111C: Emergency Medical Technician Training (EMED 211C)

Second of two-quarter Stanford Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program (EMED 111B/C). Topics include ambulance operations, environmental emergencies, management of trauma including falls, gunshot wounds, orthopedic and blast injuries, mass casualty incidents, vehicle extrication, pediatric and obstetrical emergencies. There will be one class activity on a Saturday or Sunday during the quarter, specific date will be announced during the first week of class. Includes both lecture and practical sessions. (ONLY graduate students may enroll for 3 or 4 units with instructor permission, see EMED 211C.) The EMT Skills Session will be hosted for 24 hours over a weekend during the quarter. The exact date will be announced during Week 1 of the course. Optional Friday lab before the EMT Skills Session. ***For those not present on campus, the Skills Session can be completed any quarter up to one year following completion of the class.***Prerequisites: EMED 111A/211A, 111B/211C and consent of instructor, AHA or RC CPR certification.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3-5
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