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ENGLISH 91DC: Writing the Memoir

Open to DCI Fellows and Partners only. In this course, we will practice the art and craft of writing memoir: works of prose inspired by the memory of personal events and history. In our practice, we will look at different strategies for writing with meaning and insight about the events in our lives. We will read a variety of models by published authors who have made sense of the personal alongside the profound: the sad, joyful, simple and complicated stuff of living and being alive. Our learning will be discussion-driven. You should expect to do daily writing in the class, and to write and read widely between our class meetings. We will read, discuss, and imitate excerpts of memoirs by such authors as Augustine, Andrew Solomon, Joyce Carol Oates, Tim O¿Brien, Joan Didion, and Eavan Boland, among many others. At least half of our class time will be devoted to the discussion of participants' work. The course will address issues ranging from how we select and write about events from our personal lives, to the ethical obligations of memoirists, to the ways we can explore new understanding about the past, as well as our own courage and reluctance to share personal writing. Writers at all levels of experience and comfort with creative writing are very welcome.
Terms: Aut | Units: 5
Instructors: ; Evans, J. (PI)

ENGLISH 191DC: DCI Intermediate Memoir Workshop

English 191DC will provide an intermediate-level course in the art and craft of writing memoir. It will build on those strategies for writing with meaning and insight about the events in our lives that were presented in English 91DC. During the term, we will read texts that broadly innovate within and outside of the formal traditions of the memoir form, finding new and exciting ways to represent personal experience. This section will also serve as the continuing examination and practice of the formal elements of the memoir. During the term, Fellows will write, workshop, present to the class, and revise at least two short pieces, one long pieces, and working drafts of excerpts. All workshops will serve as the springboard for our larger class conversation about theme and craft. During the quarter, we will meet in individual conferences. Throughout the quarter, creative work will be assigned in the form of essays, imitations, and revisions. Critical work will be assigned in the form of planning and leading class discussions, and writing and discussing critiques of colleagues¿ essays. A variety of creative prompts, critical exercises, and assigned readings will foster your understanding and appreciation of the memoir form, as well as your growth as a creative writer. Energetic, committed participation is a must.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 5
Instructors: ; Evans, J. (PI)
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