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OB 661: Topics in Organizational Behavior: Intragroup processes

This course will be run as a seminar. Each week a different form of intragroup behavior will be discussed. The type of group will vary, as will the context in which it operates (e.g., school vs. corporation). The weekly topics will include whistleblowing, bullying, charitable giving, paying it forward, workplace sabotage, emergent leadership, internal group threat, external group threat, single sex education and corporate mergers. Each week students will be required to post on the course website a short (no more than one page) reaction paper to one or more of the readings. These papers should be posted by 6pm on the Tuesday night preceding the class. Each student will serve as discussion leader for two of the 10 weeks. Discussion leaders are responsible for beginning the discussion of the papers by summarizing the comments of the other class members and offering their own thoughts and analysis of the papers as well as the issues they raise. Students are also required to write a 10-page double-spaced paper on a topic relevant to intragroup behavior.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3
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