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SURG 100B: Virtual And Real: Clinical Anatomy And Sports Injuries Of The Head And Neck

This undergraduate course is designed to teach human anatomy through radiographs, CT scans, MRIs and cadaver material, with the emphasis on the understanding of common sports injuries of the head and neck. To aid students in developing their image interpretive skills, additional resources such as virtual interactive scans, the 3D anatomy table, and interactive digital applications will be utilized. The course divides the anatomy of the head and neck into five areas: each area will be presented in a two-week block. In the first week of each block, students will develop an understanding of human anatomy through the identification of relevant structures on prosecutions (cadaver material), and in the second week, students will utilize this knowledge in the interpretation of radiographs, CT scans and MRIs. The anatomy will be taught in relation to common sports injuries of the head and neck; and, student projects will focus on the understanding of the anatomy and treatment of these conditions and injuries. The class is limited to 20 students.
Terms: Win | Units: 3
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