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FRENLANG 10SC: French Immersion: Contemporary Issues in the French-Speaking World

¿French Immersion: Contemporary Issues in the French-Speaking World¿ is a course designed to help students move towards greater proficiency in French. Through an intensive immersion program, which will include several hours of daily instruction, discussion and organized cultural activities, students will develop higher level linguistic skills and cultural competence essential for studying and working in Francophone countries.nnIn the course of the program, we will discuss texts, films and podcasts that examine present social and political issues. We will read great writers of the past and put them in conversation with the writers and thinkers of today. This dialogue between the past and the present will inform our thinking about the importance, relevance and evolution of the literary canon. Who should we be reading and why? How should we read and interpret authors from times past? How does the current context shape our understanding of their writing?
Terms: Sum | Units: 2
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