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UROL 308C: Urology Clerkship

VISITING: Open to visitors. TYPE OF CLERKSHIP: Selective 1. DESCRIPTION: Similar to Urology 308A, except that the student assumes greater responsibility and hands on patient care. The urology service at the county hospital is very busy, and students follow their own patients from the outpatient/office setting through surgical procedures or hospitalization to follow-up care. There is a close relationship with the junior and senior resident in urology, allowing extensive clinic, ward and operating room teaching experience. Fundamental concepts of urology are covered in clinics and on rounds, but most valuable is the expected ancillary reading related to individual patient diseases and problems. This provides immediate feedback and motivation for conceptual understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of urologic disease. Common and exotic problems come through the county hospital; exposure to all age groups and both sexes is the norm. There are many opportunities to study healthcare disparities in underserved patients who have limited access to care and present in the later stages of various urologic diseases. Students will be required to complete a final exam during this rotation. Please note: This is not a Sub-I clerkship. PREREQUISITES: None. PERIODS AVAILABLE: 1-12, full-time for 2 weeks or 4 weeks, 1 student per period. CLERKSHIP DIRECTOR: Christopher Elliott M.D. CLERKSHIP COORDINATOR: Taranjit Bains,; Farina S. Ali, REPORTING INSTRUCTIONS: Where: SCVMC, Division of Urology, Valley Specialty Center, 751 Bascom Avenue, 4th Floor, San Jose, CA 95128. Call Jewel Rey at 408-885-7822 three weeks prior; Time: TBA. (Please contact the Chief Resident. Please contact Taranjit Bains at to get the contact information for the chief resident). CALL CODE: 0. OTHER FACULTY: C. Elliott, P. Elliott, C. Harris, W. Thien. LOCATION: SCVMC.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 3-6 | Repeatable 2 times (up to 12 units total)
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