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VISITING: Closed to visitors. TYPE OF CLERKSHIP: Elective. DESCRIPTION: Provides an opportunity for a student in the clinical years to have an individualized clinical experience in one of the fields of Emergency Medicine. The quality and duration of the elective will be decided by both the student and a faculty preceptor in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Please note: Students cannot add 398A clerkships directly to their fishbowl schedules through the regular shuffles. Please contact Caroline Cheang in the Office of Medical Student Affairs at or 650-498-7619 with the faculty preceptor's name and email address to add this clerkship. PREREQUISITES: Core clerkships in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics. Passing score on USMLE I. PERIODS AVAILABLE: 1-12, full time for 4 weeks, 6 students per period. CLERKSHIP DIRECTOR: N. Nounou Taleghani MD, PhD. at CLERKSHIP COORDINATOR: Kristen Kayser, 650-497-3058, REPORTING INSTRUCTIONS: Where: TBA; Time: TBA. CALL CODE: 0. OTHER FACULTY: Emergency Department Faculty. LOCATION: SUMC
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 6 | Repeatable 3 times (up to 18 units total)
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