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MLA 300: Oxford Summer Programme

Terms: Sum | Units: 2-4

MLA 366: Critical Approaches to Literary and Historical Sources

This seminar aims to introduce students to the complexities of the primary source in its broadest sense, focusing principally on the written word, on images, and on material remains from 1000CE to the present day. We shall investigate how meaning is formed by text in its various physical and historical contexts. Among the major themes that we shall analyse is textual mouvance or variance (how texts change over time at the hands of successive users, whether annotators, readers, performers, editors, translators, or copyists); how paratextual features, such as illustration, typography, codicology and layout both affect and effect our interpretation; and the ways in which meaning can be said to derive from combinations of textual production, reception, and ideological or performative interactions. This course will involve hands-on experience with original sources, and will examine key scholarly approaches to material history.
Terms: Sum | Units: 4
Instructors: ; Treharne, E. (PI)

MLA 367: Muwekma: Landscape, Archaeology, and the Narratives of California Natives

Terms: Sum | Units: 4
Instructors: ; Wilcox, M. (PI)

MLA 398: MLA Thesis in Progress

Group meetings provide peer critiques, motivations, and advice under the direction of the Associate Dean.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 0 | Repeatable 8 times (up to 0 units total)
Instructors: ; Paulson, L. (PI)

MLA 399: MLA Thesis Final Quarter

Students write a 75-100 page thesis that evolves out of work they pursued during their MLA studies.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 6
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