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SURG 256A: (CASES) Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Education Series - Torso and Limbs

This Fall quarter elective course focuses on clinical conditions and surgical procedures of the upper and lower limbs. The course is created for medical and physician assistant students who want to expand their knowledge of human anatomy through the understanding of common conditions and their associated surgical treatments. Students will learn the clinical tests involved in confirming the diagnosis of common surgical conditions, the benefits and risks of the procedures to treat these conditions and the anatomy affected by the conditions and procedures. Through case discussion and explanation of their respective surgical procedures, students will improve their diagnostic and surgical skills. The course is scheduled for eight sessions. Each session includes a short case scenario on a common surgical condition presented by a guest expert surgeon, followed by student discussion and review of the surgical treatment to be performed. The expert faculty will then guide students in performing the surgery on unembalmed cadaver specimens. During the surgical procedures, students will be required to discuss the surgical technique and associated anatomy.
Terms: Aut | Units: 1
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