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Yoda R Patta

Yoda R Patta ypatta
Personal bio
Dr. Yoda R. Patta is an Academic Advising Director at the Office for Undergraduate Advising and Research. Dr. Patta has always had a love of teaching throughout her life and is a dedicated educator and advisor to students. She was a graduate teaching assistant throughout her graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), winning the John Wulff Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008 and 2009 and the Goodwin Medal for Excellence in Teaching in 2010. She completed her SM and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, and has conducted multi-disciplinary work as a materials scientist and engineer. Upon earning her doctorate, she became a lecturer at the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering, teaching a core-level course for MIT sophomores. Dr. Patta holds a patent for a novel method for producing high critical current density superconducting films, which has been licensed. Her dissertation work encompassed the bio-distribution of chemotherapeutics delivered via an implantable biocompatible device for the treatment of brain cancer. She went on to complete a postdoc at the Stanford University School of Medicine, where she conducted tissue engineering and wound healing mechanical research.

Currently teaching
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