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Brian A Wandell (Professor)

Brian A Wandell (650) 725-2466
Personal bio
Wandell is Director of Stanford's Center of Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI). His research projects center on how we see, spanning topics from visual disorders, reading development in children, to digital imaging devices and algorithms. His work in visual neuroscience uses functional and structural MRI along with behavior testing and modeling to understand the action of the visual portions of the brain. His research includes studies of the organization of the visual field maps in the human brain, color and motion processing within these maps, and the potential for reorganization following injury or developmental disorders. The Wandell lab develops tools for diffusion imaging and functional MRI. Recent years they have carried out a series of studies on brain plasticity and development. In one example, they are carrying out a longitudinal study measuring the development of structures and signals in visual cortex in children, aged 8-12, as they become skilled readers. The lab's measurements of developmental changes during the acquisition of skilled reading are intended to understand how visual signals become rapidly identified and classified in the process of learning to read. Wandell is a co-founder (with Professor Joe Goodman) of Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering Program. In this research, Wandell and his lab study and build devices used for digital imaging, including image sensors, high dynamic range displays, and software simulations of the digital imaging pipeline.

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