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Vinh Ton

Vinh Ton vinhton
Personal bio
Vinh Ton is a software developer who: 1) studied Symbolic Systems as a 2020 undergraduate at Stanford University, exploring the relationship between systems of information processing e.g: natural language, the human mind, and artificial intelligence systems and 2) studied computer science as a master's student, specializing in human-computer interaction, identifying and designing human-centered digital solutions for real world problems, with a focus on community mental health. They are passionate about the intersection of technology and accessible service for marginalized communities, and they actively engage in various social impact projects using my skillset. They have acted as a teaching fellow for PSYCH1: Introduction to Psychology, a teaching assistant for PSYCH50: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, and a course assistant for CS247S: Service Design. More information can be found about Vinh on their website: https://vinhton.com.

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