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Theresa Marie Rodriguez

Theresa Marie Rodriguez trod76
Currently teaching
MKTG 337: Applied Behavioral Economics (Spring)
GSBGEN 646: Behavioral Economics and the Psychology of Decision Making (Autumn)
FINANCE 377: China's Financial System (Autumn)
FINANCE 624: Corporate Finance Theory (Spring)
FINANCE 320: Debt Markets (Autumn)
FINANCE 622: Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory (Winter)
FINANCE 315: Innovating for Financial Inclusion (Winter)
GSBGEN 305: Investing for Good (Winter)
FINANCE 321: Investment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance (Autumn)
OB 345: Leadership Coaching (Spring)
OB 209: Leadership Laboratory (Autumn)
MGTECON 601: Microeconomic Analysis II (Winter)
FINANCE 341: Modeling for Investment Management (Autumn)
FINANCE 229: MSx: Finance (Autumn)
ECON 290: Multiperson Decision Theory (Spring)
MGTECON 608: Multiperson Decision Theory (Spring)
FINANCE 319: Private Equity Investing Seminar (Autumn)
GSBGEN 306: Real Estate Investment (Winter)
STRAMGT 205: Strategic Leadership: Creating and Sustaining Growth (Winter)
OB 626: Strategy and Organizations (Spring)
SOC 356: Strategy and Organizations (Spring)
FINANCE 121: Undergraduate Finance Research and Discussion Seminar (Winter)
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