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Stephanie Freedman

Stephanie Freedman stephkg
Currently teaching
MKTG 646: Bayesian Inference: Methods and Applications (Autumn)
ECON 236: Financial Economics I (Autumn)
FINANCE 637: Macroeconomics and Financial Markets (Autumn)
GSBGEN 368: Managing Difficult Conversations (Winter, Spring)
INDE 238: Managing Difficult Conversations (Winter, Spring)
STRAMGT 355: Managing Growing Enterprises (Autumn)
MKTG 243: Marketing Management, Accelerated (Winter)
FINANCE 347: Money and Banking (Autumn)
OB 206: Organizational Behavior (Autumn)
OB 110N: Savvy: Learning How to Communicate with Purpose (Spring)
GSBGEN 382: Social Innovation Practicum: Designing an Impact Model (Spring)
STRAMGT 368: Strategic Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations and Social Ventures (Winter)
EDUC 377B: Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations and Social Ventures (Winter)
OB 377: The Paths to Power (Winter)
STRAMGT 579: The Political Economy of China (Spring)
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