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Darvin Scott Smith

Darvin Scott Smith ssmith
Personal bio
Darvin (Scott) Smith graduated in biochemistry from Bowdoin College in Maine and went on to study tropical public health at Harvard School of Public health before attending medical school in his home state of Colorado where he grew up. He worked on developing diagnostic tests and epidemiology (Leishmania and Onchocerciasis) in Cali Colombia on a Fulbright scholarship before finally moving to California where he completed residency at Stanford Medical School, then a Fellowship in Infectious Disease & Geographic Medicine. He loves to work with residents and students on practical projects. He now serves as Chief of the Dept of Infectious Disease & Geographic Medicine at Kaiser in Redwood City and teaches at Stanford. He volunteers as a community neighborhood network lead in Hillsborough and works with international disaster response to vector borne disease threats as a clinical lead for MENTOR-Initiative around the world (Indonesia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya, Haiti, Thailand). Scott enjoys gardening, sustainable household development, photography and wants to do another triathalon...

Currently teaching
HUMBIO 194: Honors (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
HUMBIO 193: Research in Human Biology (Autumn, Winter)
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