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Sophia Rivera

Sophia Rivera sophias1
Currently teaching
OB 381: Conflict Management and Negotiation (Spring)
MGTECON 626: Continuous-time Methods in Economics and Finance (Winter)
ACCT 213: Financial Accounting - Accelerated (Autumn)
ACCT 311: Global Financial Reporting (Autumn)
STRAMGT 532: Intellectual Property: Financial and Strategic Management (Winter)
ECON 293: Machine Learning and Causal Inference (Spring)
MGTECON 634: Machine Learning and Causal Inference (Spring)
MGTECON 200: Managerial Economics (Winter)
OB 205: Managing Groups and Teams (Autumn)
ACCT 332: Mergers and Acquisitions (Autumn)
EDUC 222: Resource Allocation in Education (Spring)
GSBGEN 326: Resource Allocation in Education (Spring)
ACCT 615: Selected Topics in Empirical Accounting Research (Spring)
BIOE 376: Startup Garage: Design (Autumn)
POLECON 231: Strategy Beyond Markets (Winter)
OB 678: The Design and Process of Experimental Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
STRAMGT 356: The Startup Garage: Design (Autumn)
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