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Romina Wainberg

Romina Wainberg rwain
Personal bio
Romina is interested in Latin American aesthetics' potential for challenging and/or expanding the onto-epistemological breadth of other fields of knowledge; some of the intersections that she has explored so far include: media theory, philosophy of technology, and science fiction; motion graphics and aesthetic computing; plastic art and philosophy of art; post-modern novels and theories of individuation; Amerindian thought, contemporary metaphysics, and short fiction; feminist philosophy and perspectival anthropology; poetry, gender identity laws, and LGBTQ+ approaches to the gender/sex dyad. She has also worked on the relation between extractivism and aesthetics in Portugal and Brazil; in particular, she has looked at the tension between gemstones' crystal structure, their historical aestheticization, and the forced and exploitative labor inherent in their geological extraction. /// Romina is one of the coordinators of the DLCL Focal Unit "materia" (cognate course: DLCL 221), the Research Unit "The Gothic," and the DIF Project "Queer Latin American Voices." /// In 2020-2021, she will be co-instructing ILAC 161: Modern Latin American Literature (Fall) with Prof. Hector Hoyos and ILAC 139: Jaguars and Labyrinths: A Survey of South American Short Fiction (Spring) with Prof. Vincent Barletta. /// Past courses: Instructor, Portuguese 1A (First Year, 1st Quarter), Stanford Language Center. Instructor, Spanish 3 (First Year, 3rd Quarter), Stanford Language Center, Spanish Department. Instructor, Spanish 2 (First Year, 2nd Quarter), Stanford Language Center. Instructor, Spanish 1 (First Year, 1st Quarter), Stanford Language Center. Teaching Assistant, Magical Realism and Globalization, Stanford Summer Institutes with Prof Hector Hoyos. /// Stanford profile: dlcl.stanford.edu/people/romina-wainberg

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