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Ramzi Salti (Lecturer)

Ramzi Salti (650) 725-1560
Personal bio
Ramzi Salti received a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (with a primary emphasis on Arabic literature) from UC Riverside in 1997. He has been teaching Arabic at Stanford since 1998 and is an ACTFL-OPI and WPT certified raters. He has received the Stanford Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004 and the ASSU Honorable Mention for Teacher of the Year award in 2009. Dr. Salti has published countless essays on Arabic literature and language as well as book titled 'The Native Informant and Other Stories.' In addition to teaching, Dr. Salti publishes his own blog titled 'Arabology' at author32.blogspot.com and hosts his own radio show on KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford.

Currently teaching
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