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Farshid Oshidari

Farshid Oshidari farshid.oshidari
Personal bio
Farshid Oshidari studied Biochemistry & Genetics as an undergraduate, and Molecular & Cell Biology as a graduate student. He conducted discovery and applied biomedical research in drug discovery and development, particularly to investigate the differential expression of genes in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and to develop novel respective immunotherapies. He worked in Biotechnology, Academia including at Neurosciences Research Laboratories at Stanford School of Medicine, and Pharmaceutical sectors, having co-authored peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapter, and presented in national & international conferences. As a Medical Science Liaison in digital-Health Start-Up sector, he contributed to generation and development of new ideas for personalized, comprehensive management of healthcare and wellness for patients with chronic diseases. Since 2016, Farshid has been assisting in teaching and development of Positive Psychology academic courses related to Human Flourishing at iTHRIVE Health & Wellness Promotion, Continuing Studies, Graduate Summer Institute, and LifeWorks programs at Stanford University. Currently, he is a lecturer for the LifeWorks Integrative Learning Program at the Division of Health and Human Performance in the Department of Medicine contributing to educational platforms that focus on developing human capacities influencing personal growth and its development in communities.

Currently teaching
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