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Noah Suresh Diffenbaugh (Professor)

Noah Suresh Diffenbaugh diffenbaugh
Personal bio
Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh is an Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University. He studies the climate system, including the processes by which climate change could impact agriculture, water resources, and human health. Dr. Diffenbaugh teaches a freshman Introductory Seminar about climate change (EESS 41N - The Global Warming Paradox), and also teaches upper-division and graduate courses about climate and the Earth System. He is also the Faculty Director of the Goldman Honors program, a cross-campus program for seniors pursuing undergraduate honors in environmental science, technology and policy. Outside of Stanford, Dr. Diffenbaugh has served as an Editor of the peer-review journal Geophysical Research Letters, a Lead Author for Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and as a Google Science Communication Fellow.

Currently teaching
EARTH 2: Climate and Society (Winter)
ESS 305: Climate Change: An Earth Systems Perspective (Autumn)
ENVRINST 198: Prehonors Seminar (Spring)
EARTHSYS 41N: The Global Warming Paradox (Autumn)
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