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David Ross Obershaw

David Ross Obershaw obershaw
Personal bio
David Obershaw received his Bachelors degrees in Economics and History from UCLA and his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1983. David has taught "Insanely Great Products: How DO they get built?" in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford since 2008. His earlier work was for a variety of information technology companies ranging from large (IBM and Hewlett-Packard) to early-stage startups such as Red Pepper Software (acquired by PeopleSoft which was in turn acquired by Oracle) and Proofpoint, which is now a publicly-traded company. David has served in a variety of roles, including: Product Marketing Engineer, Sales Engineer, Product Marketing Manager, Director of Product Management, VP Industry Strategy, VP of Marketing, and VP of Business Development. He is passionate about how teams harness the conflict- laden process that IS product development to produce great solutions to a wide range of problems. Anything from great coffee to pharmaceuticals to concrete to cars and information technology captivates his interest.

Currently teaching
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