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Naomie Kankolongo Ngoba

Naomie Kankolongo Ngoba ngb2812
Currently teaching
ECON 257: Industrial Organization 1 (Autumn)
STRAMGT 308: Entrepreneurship from Diverse Perspectives (Autumn)
OB 205: Managing Groups and Teams (Autumn)
FINANCE 620: Financial Markets I (Winter)
OIT 274: Data and Decisions - Base (Flipped Classroom) (Winter)
FINANCE 305: Capital Markets and Institutional Investing (Winter)
MKTG 240: Marketing Management (Winter)
MGTECON 630: Industrial Organization (Autumn)
FINANCE 625: Empirical Asset Pricing (Spring)
FINANCE 306: International Finance and Macroeconomics (Spring)
MKTG 326: Customer Acquisition for New Ventures (Spring)
EDUC 447: Leading Change in Public Education (Spring)
OB 675: Micro Research Methods (Spring)
STRAMGT 537: Leading Change in Public Education (Spring)
FINANCE 632: International Finance and Macroeconomics (Spring)
EDUC 255: Mission and Money in Education (Spring)
GSBGEN 373: Mission and Money in Education (Spring)
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