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Matt Randolph

Matt Randolph mattrph
Personal bio
Matthew A. Randolph is a second-year PhD student in History at Stanford University in the Transnational, International, and Global (TIG) field. Matthew works at the crossroads of U.S., Latin American, and Caribbean history. Specifically, he studies the history of race, ethnicity, migration, and travel in the Americas. He is drawn to solidarities forged between African-Americans from the U.S. and other people of African descent in the Atlantic World. His current research project illuminates the transnational dimensions of the Black Panther Party, exploring experiences of exile and intellectual exchanges among activists in the U.S. and Latin America during the Black Power era. Matthew hopes his research encourages all scholars to appreciate the past, present, and future of the African diaspora. Outside of academia, he is passionate about public history, community-building, and social justice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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