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Malinda Pola

Malinda Pola malindas
Currently teaching
FINANCE 633: Advanced Empirical Corporate, Banking and Household Finance (Spring)
MKTG 622: Behavioral Research in Marketing III: Consumer Behavior Classics (Spring)
MKTG 575: Consumer Behavior (Spring)
POLECON 515: Energy: Innovation, Policy & Business Strategy (Spring)
FINANCE 333: Financial Restructuring (Winter)
POLECON 680: Foundations of Political Economy (Autumn)
MGTECON 300: Growth and Stabilization in the Global Economy (Spring)
MED 286: Health Information Technology and Strategy (Autumn)
STRAMGT 364: Health Information Technology and Strategy (Autumn)
ECON 237: Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics (Winter)
MGTECON 617: Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics (Winter)
OB 289: MSx: Negotiations (Winter)
POLECON 239: MSx: Strategy Beyond Markets (Autumn)
OB 581: Negotiations (Autumn)
GSBGEN 598: Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (A) (Autumn)
GSBGEN 599: Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (B) (Winter)
POLECON 531: The Future of Cities: Entrepreneurship, Policy & Business Strategy (Spring)
OB 118N: Us and Them: The Psychology of Intergroup Relations (Spring)
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