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Sik Lee C Dennig (Lecturer)

Sik Lee C Dennig (650) 723-0329
Personal bio
Sik Lee Dennig received her Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Language, Literacy, and Culture (Educational Linguistics) from Stanford University in January 1992. She has been teaching Cantonese at Stanford for over 10 years and had taught linguistics, applied linguistics, and other language-related courses in different countries prior to returning to Stanford. Her research interests include first and second language acquisition and technology in foreign language teaching. She is currently studying the acquisition of Cantonese as a heritage language in the U.S. context.

Currently teaching
CHINLANG 16: Beginning Cantonese Conversation, Second Quarter (Winter)
CHINLANG 16M: Beginning Conversational Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers, Second Quarter (Winter)
CHINLANG 17M: Beginning Conversational Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers, Third Quarter (Spring)
CHINLANG 15M: Beginning Conversational Cantonese for Standard Modern Chinese Speakers, First Quarter (Autumn)
CHINLANG 15: Beginning Conversational Cantonese, First Quarter (Autumn)
CHINLANG 17: Beginning Conversational Cantonese, Third Quarter (Spring)
CHINLANG 20A: Cantonese Through Films, First Quarter (Autumn)
CHINLANG 20B: Cantonese Through Films, Second Quarter (Winter)
CHINLANG 20C: Cantonese Through Films, Third Quarter (Spring)
CHINLANG 18: Intermediate Cantonese Conversation, First Quarter (Autumn)
CHINLANG 19: Intermediate Conversational Cantonese, Second Quarter (Winter)
CHINLANG 20: Intermediate Conversational Cantonese, Third Quarter (Spring)
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