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John Clayton Kunz

John Clayton Kunz (650) 725-1546
Personal bio
John Kunz is Executive Director of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering at Stanford University and has a teaching appointment in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Stanford University. Current and recent projects focus on Virtual Design and Construction, including developing models of engineering products, organizations and processes, automated construction planning, visualization, and uses of explicit business objectives and measurable performance. Teaching includes classes in Virtual Design and Construction, building energy modeling and analysis, an engineering seminar series, sustainable development and professional short courses in information technology in design and construction, advising the Ph.D. thesis research of many Stanford doctoral students, and supervising the research of professionals visiting the center. Research interests cross the engineering lifecycle from pre-project planning through design-build, retrofit and decommissioning. In 2009 he was a Fulbright scholar in Chile. He co-founded the CIFE/SPS certificate Program in VDC and the commercial company Vité. Prior to joining Stanford, he was Chief Knowledge Systems Engineer at IntlliCorp, which developed commercial applications of Artificial Intelligence methods in many areas of engineering, manufacturing and business. In the 1970s, he led development of the first application of Artificial Intelligence ever used in practice, the PUFF system for pulmonary function diagnosis, whose descendants remain in wide use globally.

Currently teaching
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