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Kenneth T Smeton

Kenneth T Smeton ktsmeton
Currently teaching
OB 333: Acting with Power (Autumn)
ACCT 617: Applications of Contract Theory in Accounting Research (Spring)
GSBGEN 316: Civic Workshop (Spring)
LAW 1009: Corporate Finance I (Autumn)
MGTECON 629: Faculty Research Workshop (Autumn, Winter)
GSBGEN 363: Fiscal Policy (Winter)
GSBGEN 546: Freedom, Democracy, and Capitalism (Winter)
HRMGT 302: Incentives and Productivity (Winter)
MGTECON 526: Inclusive Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries (Spring)
INTLPOL 204A: Microeconomics for Policy (Autumn)
PUBLPOL 301A: Microeconomics for Policy (Autumn)
PUBLPOL 51: Microeconomics for Policy (Autumn)
OIT 247: Optimization and Simulation Modeling - Accelerated (Autumn)
OIT 248: Optimization and Simulation Modeling - Advanced (Autumn)
MGTECON 652: Personnel Economics (Spring)
GSBGEN 307: Policy Time (Spring)
GSBGEN 383: Practical Policy and Politics (Autumn)
GSBGEN 310: The Impact of AI on Productivity and Personal Performance (Spring)
GSBGEN 569: The Open Road: Innovation in Cars, Driving, and Mobility (Winter)
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