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Jimmy Zhuojie He

Jimmy Zhuojie He jzhe
Personal bio
Jimmy is a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Religious Studies. He has had the privilege of serving as a teaching assistant in STATS 60 and has organized service-learning trips and workshops on Alzheimer's disease and mental health. In addition, Jimmy tutors undergrads in the BIO core as part of CTL and works in Dr. Bernert's Suicide Prevention Research Lab. After graduation, Jimmy would like to pursue a medical degree. When Jimmy is not busy preparing for classes and/or other activities, he likes to swim long laps at the new pool, visit his cousins in San Francisco, expose himself to new music, and watch some past episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Weakest Link, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.

Favorite Courses
HRP 28SI: Alternative Spring Break: Prevention, Treatment, and Policy Perspectives on Alzheimer's Disease
IHUM 65: Race and Reunion: American Memory and the Civil War
IHUM 73B: Ultimate Meanings: Decoding Religious Stories from around the World
MED 10SC: Responses to the Aids Epidemic
MUSIC 160: Stanford Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC 160A: Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra
SPANLANG 3: First-Year Spanish, Third Quarter
STATS 60: Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus
ATHLETIC 25V: Crew, Varsity Men
BIO 199X: Out-of-Department Advanced Research Laboratory in Experimental Biology
BIO 41: Genetics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology
BIO 42: Cell Biology and Animal Physiology
BIO 43: Plant Biology, Evolution, and Ecology
PHYSICS 41: Mechanics
PHYSICS 43: Electricity and Magnetism
BIO 104: Advanced Molecular Biology
BIO 150: Human Behavioral Biology
BIO 44X: Core Molecular Biology Laboratory
CS 106A: Programming Methodology
CTL 120: Peer Tutor Training
EDUC 98X: Service Learning Practicum
INDE 227: Careers in Medicine: Pathways in the Medical Sciences
MED 150SI: Clinical Foundations for Patient Navigators at Arbor Free Clinic
MED 182: Early Clinical Experience at the Cardinal Free Clinics
MED 228: Physicians and Social Responsibility
MED 242: Physicians and Human Rights
PSYC 290: Teaching in Psychiatry
RELIGST 117: Christianity in 21st-century America
RELIGST 119: Gandhi and His Legacy: Violence and Nonviolence in the World and in Ourselves
RELIGST 61: Exploring Islam
SOC 123: Sex and Love in Modern U.S. Society
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