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Jeff R Wood

Jeff R Wood jwood11
Personal bio
Jeff is the ME Capstone Course and Lab Projects Development Director, where he is responsible for the goals, strategy, design, curriculum plan and instruction plans for capstone courses in the Mechanical Engineering Department, as part of a broad effort to redesign the curriculum requirements for the undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jeff is a lecturer for the course he has developed - ME170 - where he brings his extensive experience with the industry product development process to the class. In addition to establishing budget, resource, and timeline requirements, Jeff has successfully promoted incorporating themes into the course consistent with the goals of the department and university - to address the pressing needs of human society. For AY18-19, this theme area is clean energy. Jeff also serves on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining Stanford, Jeff worked in industry for over 25 years, leading product development and manufacturing organizations in both the medical device and consumer electronics industries. His work experience took him to roles at Amazon, Apple, Boston Scientific, Nektar Therapeutics and SGI, where Jeff and his teams brought over 40 products to the marketplace in volumes ranging from 15k/mo to 1MM/mo. Along the way he helped bring statistical tolerance methodology to Apple, was lead presenter to the FDA for Exubera approval, won awards for creativity, innovation and leadership, and earned multiple US patents. Organizationally, Jeff managed multimillion dollar budgets, oversaw organizations ranging from 4 to 100+ people, and led design, manufacturing, consulting, and partner companies in US, UK, and Asia. His goals have been to deliver new, innovative products that make a difference in people's lives, with a focus on high-quality engineering and end-user delight. Jeff received his BS degree in Applied Mechanics from UC San Diego in 1988, and his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1990.

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