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Jonathan Payne (Professor)

Jonathan Payne (650) 721-6723
Personal bio
Jonathan Payne received his B.A. in Geosciences from Williams College in 1997 and his Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University in 2005. He joined the Stanford faculty in 2005. His research interests focus the history of life, especially the causes and consequences of mass extinction events and controls on long-term evolutionary patterns. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and daughter, watching sports, and playing beach volleyball.

Currently teaching
BIO 136: Macroevolution (Winter)
BIO 236: Macroevolution (Winter)
GEOLSCI 136: Macroevolution (Winter)
GEOLSCI 236: Macroevolution (Winter)
GEOLSCI 254: Sedimentology and Rock Physics of Carbonates (Winter)
GEOPHYS 254: Sedimentology and Rock Physics of Carbonates (Winter)
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