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Jonathan Levin (Professor)

Jonathan Levin jdlevin
Personal bio
Jonathan Levin is Professor and Chair in the Department of Economics. Before joining the Stanford faculty, he received his PhD from MIT, an MPhil from Oxford and BA and BS degrees from Stanford. In 2011, he won the John Bates Clark Medal as the economist under 40 who has made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. He lives on the Stanford campus with his wife and three young children.

Currently teaching
ECON 355: Industrial Organization Seminar (Winter)
ECON 400: Ph.D. Dissertation (Autumn, Winter)
GSBGEN 390: Individual Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
MGTECON 691: PhD Directed Reading (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
MGTECON 699: Doctoral Practicum in Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
MGTECON 698: Doctoral Practicum in Teaching (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
MGTECON 692: PhD Dissertation Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
ECON 239D: Directed Reading (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
ECON 139D: Directed Reading (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
ECON 199D: Honors Thesis Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
ECON 299: Practical Training (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
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