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Ian Emrys Monroe

Ian Emrys Monroe imon
Personal bio
Ian is a Lecturer in Earth Systems at Stanford, as well as the founding President of Etho Capital, and the founding CEO of Oroeco. Ian's research focuses on supply chain sustainability, climate finance, sustainable investing, and developing best practices for renewable energy implementation, linking energy and climate policy to sound science. Ian has a strong interest in improving and standardizing life cycle assessment (LCA) accounting of environmental impacts, as well as LCA data applications for ESG investors and consumer products. Ian received MS and BS degrees from the interdisciplinary Earth Systems Program at Stanford University, where he lectured for the courses 'Pathogens in the Environment'; and 'Biology and Global Change'; and conducted research through Matson Biogeochemical Cycling, Boehm Environmental Pathogens, and Ackerly Plant Ecology laboratories. Ian has lived and worked on climate solutions and sustainability challenges in over 30 countries.

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