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Helen B Brooks

Helen B Brooks (650) 723-0813
Personal bio
Helen Brooks earned a Joint Ph.D in English and Humanities in 1980 at Stanford, later joining the faculty of Stanford's English Department and the Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities Program. She recently was appointed to the Resource Faculty of the Feminist Studies Program at Stanford. Her scholarship and teaching focus on Early Modern British literature, especially the poetry of John Donne, the plays of Shakespeare and Marlowe, Early Modern art, gender studies, and selected modern literature in continuity with the Early Modern world, such as T. S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett and Adrienne Rich. Her academic interests also include intellectual and cultural history and specifically the profound changes that occurred on the threshold of the modern world, such as the expansion of education, the Protestant Reformation, instrumentation, the advent of the modern scientific method and mathematical perspective, and their impact on the literature and art of that era. More recently, her scholarship and writing have focused on the current and thought-provoking research in the neurosciences on cognitive theory as it relates to our reading and understanding of literature and in particular the highly dramatic poetry of John Donne, who was Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London at the time of his death. Brooks earned Stanford's Dinkelspiel Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.

Currently teaching
FEMGEN 105: Honors Work (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
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