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Patti Hanlon

Patti Hanlon (650) 723-1361
Personal bio
Patti is a native Californian who returned after a decade-long absence during which she earned her PhD in Composition and Rhetoric, from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has taught at Truckee Meadows Community College, University of Nevada, Reno, Southern Connecticut State University, and Teachers College at Columbia University. She teaches courses focusing on education equity, gender politics, and environmental ethics. As a teacher, Patti values how students explore the power of language and become savvier rhetoricians. Her research interests center on how feminist critiques reveal the ways in which various discourses influence perceptions and expectations of womenâ??s bodies and experiences. She is currently completing an article on how popular descriptions of pregnant bodies influence womenâ??s perceptions of "fit bodies" and balanced nutrition during pregnancy. Her other research and teaching interests include service learning, visual rhetoric, and the rhetoric of education politics.

Currently teaching
UAR 101J: Frosh 101 in Branner (Winter)
UAR 101I: Frosh 101 in Ethnic Theme Dorms (ETD) (Winter)
UAR 101C: Frosh 101 in Florence Moore (Winter)
UAR 101K: Frosh 101 in Gerhard Caspar Quad (Winter)
UAR 101L: Frosh 101 in Governor's Corner (Winter)
UAR 101D: Frosh 101 in Lagunita (Winter)
UAR 101E: Frosh 101 in Roble (Winter)
UAR 101F: Frosh 101 in Stern (Winter)
UAR 101G: Frosh 101 in Toyon (Winter)
UAR 101H: Frosh 101 in Wilbur (Winter)
EDUC 194B: Frosh 101: Curriculum Leader Training (Autumn)
UAR 194B: Frosh 101: Curriculum Leader Training (Winter)
UAR 101A: Frosh 101: In-Person (Autumn, Winter)
EDUC 194A: Frosh 101: Leader Training (Spring)
UAR 194A: Frosh 101: Leader Training (Spring)
UAR 101B: Frosh 101: Remote (Autumn)
FEMGEN 106Q: Gender and Media (Winter)
RESPROG 10B: OXC: Gender and Leadership (Winter)
UAR 201: Transfer 101 (Autumn)
RESPROG 7C: Uncovering Your Political Identity: The Political Skin You┬┐re In (Spring)
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